Enviro Group sets initiatives in place for 2020

By Shella Dabbach and Jappan Kaur
Enviro Warriors

With all the virus news and all sorts happening in the world today, the Enviro Group has still stayed strong and taken part in making the world a greener and cleaner home.

We started the month of March with the beach clean-up at Milford Beach. Twenty-one students from the Enviro Group went in search of as much rubbish as they could find, picking up plastics, glass and even a pink wig and making sure they we aren’t polluting our beautiful New Zealand beaches. It was successful as the group picked up about one and a half big sacs of rubbish which included many small plastics. Unfortunately, they found many microbeads which comes to show how long plastics take to break down and can be digested by ocean turtles or other sea creatures close to land. Due to lack of time and woman-power they couldn’t pick all these beads up. This teaches us the lesson that we must be extra careful where our items go in public as they can turn into microbeads that harm other beautiful creatures.

The Waicare water testing group is up and running and some girls have been taught scientific ways to test and identify the pollutants in the stream. The bread tag and pen recycling initiative is still running as well, and we are collecting many reusable jars. You can find the big collection of tags in the library and make sure you bring some of your own! These tags can be recycled into wheelchairs! By the end of the term these big jars will also be available in all form classes so you can pop them in at the beginning of school day!

Remember to always take care of our beautiful planet Earth but don’t forget to take care of yourselves too!


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