Students share their Outdoor Ed experiences

Putting risk management skills to use

By Katie Booth
Mrs Bouterey’s Year 12 Outdoor Education Class (pictured above)

Outdoor Education has had a rough start this year, with COVID having a massive impact on various trips planned. However, after some delays, we were able to follow through on our year 12 overnight tramp to the Pinnacles Hut.

I had a blast tramping with my class – it was amazing to explore another one of New Zealand’s gems. We walked up to the hut, and then my class hiked down a particularly steep hill and along a rocky creek to check out a really old dam that exceeded all expectations! We then came back up just before dark for dinner and a good night’s rest before tackling the windy walk up to the summit to see some spectacular views and a nice trip back down the next day.

The trip was a great opportunity for myself and my classmates to demonstrate the risk management skills we have learnt in theory to avoid risks such as hypothermia and injury and experience some real scenarios outside of the classroom. Outdoor Ed is a fantastic opportunity to learn and apply leadership skills as well as work together with and care for classmates.

Pinnacles prove a time of memory-making

By Macka Harvey
Ms Beckett’s Year 12 Outdoor Education Class

Third time lucky and the classes of 12OUTE were able to go on our Pinnacles Tramp in the Coromandel.

Prior to the tramp, each class picked a route, planned our meals for the two-day hike and analysed any risks that we may have faced. My class decided to begin our Pinnacles Tramp with a walk to the old and rather big Kauri tree, and then we decided we would tramp into the DOC hut and wake up early Monday morning to climb the Pinnacles for sunrise!

Throughout the tramp, my classmates and I were surprised by the nature and scenic views surrounding us as well as the track we were walking on. The track into the Pinnacles was no doubt challenging, at times it felt as though the track was constantly inclining, plus there very swing bridges to cross, thousands of stairs to walk up as well as slippery uneven surfaces.

Walking in and out of the Pinnacles was the perfect opportunity to keep bonding as a class but also to get to know our new teacher Miss Becket! I would say a highlight for many of my classmates and I would be watching the sunrise at the top of the Pinnacles summit. As we were walking and sometimes running up the summit we could see the bright and colourful sun rising and the fog moving over the rolling hills. The view was incredible!

My class and I are looking forward to our next and final trip of the year where we will go mountain biking and bouldering! My peers and I are extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that 12ODE has exposed us to and the long-lasting memories we have made!

Challenges create strong bonds

By Chloe Salthouse
Ms Jobe’s Year 12 Outdoor Education class

We left the school early on the Sunday morning, 60 students traveling in vans through to the Coromandel, heading towards the start of the Pinnacles track. The atmosphere was full of energy and everyone was raring to go. Each class of 20, made their way through the first stage of the Pinnacles tramp.

The track was muddy and slippery in some areas, as well as steep and rocky in others. Our class was filled with different hiking abilities, but keeping the positive influence, leadership and risk management support running at a constant high throughout our group, meant we could keep pushing. Getting to the Pinnacles hut, we felt we accomplished a challenge individually but also as a class. Walking to the summit was a big highlight for our class, the clouds disappeared as soon as we got to the top and we got to see the rewarding views. Our class all got closer and we really started to get a good idea of how well we all work together, and what is needed to keep our entire class in a strong and happy mindset. With every trip our class does, we get to know each other really well, and we get to feel confident in every trip and challenge to come.

Over all, the trip to the pinnacles, up and down from the hut and summit, our class thrived in taking opportunities to excel physically and mentally on the tramp. We are all thankful for our classmates and our teacher, Ms Jobe, for helping everyone in the class to realise what we are all capable of doing in this subject.

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