Students have golden opportunity to read more books

Our English Department is encouraging Year 9 students to enjoy device-free time to enhance their literacy skills. In doing so, they can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Reading Certificates.

Each Year 9 student should have come home with a Goal Statement for parents/caregivers to sign this week, and we hope that whānau will support our big push to encourage students to read long texts. Students will keep a reading log of books, and write a personal response about what they have read. The response will include a short description of the text and one personal opinion paragraph which will include textual evidence in the form of quotes.

A Bronze award requires – 4 long texts read and 2 personal responses.

A Silver award requires – 6 long texts read and 3 personal responses.

A Gold award requires – 10 long texts read and 5 personal responses.

More information will have come home with your daughter, but thank you for supporting our students to reach their personal reading goals.

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