Baked with love

Year 10 Food Technology students have spent this term exploring new product development through the context of baking. By tasting a range of cookies currently available in supermarkets and researching their own favourite childhood cookies, they were able to identify attributes that appealed to them.

Students applied the design process, using skills from maths, science and technology to develop and test their ideas.

Knowledge and skills in hygiene, safety and ingredient function gained through previous practical experiences were utilised to ensure a successful product was created. Students were encouraged to explore themes that interested them, with some deciding to design and make Christmas themed cookies for our neighbours at The Poynton, across the road from Westlake Girls High School. This required thought regarding their potential consumer around appropriate ingredients, size of the cookies and decorations which would reflect their theme. The students also designed individual labels describing the cookies and listed the key ingredients.

The Poynton Village manager Katie Worthy, was delighted when we dropped off a selection of Christmas themed cookies, packed into bags with personal messages from the students who made them. We hope the residents enjoyed the cookies!










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