Building team culture during Lockdown

It’s business as usual for the Westlake Girls Premier Netball Team during Corona lockdown with team building sessions on Zoom and fitness testing in the form of the “Corona Challenge”.

Coach April Ieremia set the team a box set of exercises, 100m sprint and varied runs of 1, 2, 3 or 4 km runs to measure their progress from week to week – and the players have embraced the Corona Challenge with impressive results.

The Max. Plank Champ, Briar Hadfield (below) held the plank for 7 minutes, defender Millie Wilton (right) tops the Squats Challenge with an incredible 66 squats in 60 seconds and shooter Tamara Nu’u (left) owns the wall sit and push up challenges with a wall sit hold of 7.13 mins and a maximum of 61 push ups.  The aim is always to improve their own results from one week to the next.

The Team Bonding sessions have been more challenging in isolation and via Zoom but it’s just as competitive.  After the fitness results are discussed and the Back to School sweepstake is updated, the teams work together in their areas on court for the Teams Champions Cup. The team bonding exercise features a different game each week and at the start of lockdown, players shouted answers at the quiz master for general knowledge honours while the Manager Louise Clouston adjudicated over who got it right first.

Assistant Coach Celine McGahan dusted off her acting skills for wardrobe Charades the next week and then last week, their artistic talents were highlighted with online Pictionary, “”.   Shooter, Karla Stevenson, was particularly good at this game and has helped to place the Shooters ahead of both the Middies and Defenders on the Leader Board – but its early days and the season is yet to begin.


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