Cast list for The Winter’s Tale released

Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in securing a role in the 2020 combined Westlake Schools production of The Winter’s Tale. There was so much talent, the show has been double-cast!

Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale will be performed in July after the school holidays. Watch this space for more detail.

Cast 1Cast 2
Leontes, King of SiciliaMax CreanMichael Wassell
Hermione, Queen of Sicilia, and wife to LeontesKayla Du PlessisAnnie Reed
Mamillius, their young sonMadoc BradleyGrace Blackwell
Perdita, daughter to Leontes and HermioneCharlize EspagnetIndia Charlesworth
Camillo, a lord of SiciliaSarah PennyCyrus Wadsworth
Antigonus, a lord of SiciliaDarcy FrankMax Forbes
Cleomenes, a lord of SiciliaBrooklyn TreavishAine Maloney
Dion, a lord of SiciliaRonnie ReadingsTony Zhang
Paulina, wife to AntigonusCayla KritzingerOlivia Brendel
Emilia, a lady attending on HermioneSheeta MoAmelia Stace
Polixenes, King of BohemiaJay AlexanderCameron Brownsey
Florizel, prince of Bohemia and son of PolixenesGrant ZentKees Gitmans
Archidamus, a lord of BohemiaIzzy Newton-CrossHenry Bishop
Old Shepherd, reputed father of PerditaJordyn Norman Te-MaroCameron Fox
Clown, the shepherd’s sonCody StottJames Cain
Autolycus, a rogue, thief, and conmanCalum HarveyBryn Jeffries
Mopsa, a shepherdessGabrielle GalaoMadi Jagger
Dorcas, a shepherdessIsobella GloverEunice Banta
Three Gentlemen of Sicilia Adam Ross, Xanthe Price, Merryn PlowmanAmelia Pollard-Brown, Liberty Te Koea, Sarah Strawbridge
Adam Ross, Aimee Laurent, Amber Stevenson, Amelia Pollard-Brown, Annah Mathew, Anthony Prajoge, Arlo Feeney, Bailey Todd, Caitlin Smith, Eva Lawrence, Ivy Mitchell, Katie Brown, Ken Hu, Lauren O’Loughlin, Liberty Te Koea, Matilda Klein, Matthew Vett, Merryn Plowman, Connor Knight, Parmida Jafarian, Sachin Subramaniam, Sarah Strawbridge, Shuyan Kiu, Romeo Meyer, Willem Gitmans, Xanthe Price, Zakiy Kahn.



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