Cookie class inspires junior bakers

By Madison Bain
Year 12 Cookie Connesieur

Missy Moo Munchies was founded in October of 2018. It is a sole trader business owned and operated by myself (Madison). I was doing a cookie unit in my Year 10 Food Tech class and I have always had the mindset of selling products. When I researched cookies I noticed that there was only a limited range of flavours in the market (mainly chocolate chip), so I decided to come up with some interesting and new flavours. Now I have a range of flavours that are unique, interesting and different.

I have 4 cookie flavours, 4 shortbread flavours and I also have 6 international flavours from 6 different countries using some of their most common flavours and/or the flavours the country is known for.

In the July holidays of this year I was asked to teach a two-hour cookie class at the culinary institute “Main Course” in Auckland’s CBD. This happened when my Business Teacher Mrs McDermott ordered some of my cookies and gave them to her Year 9 Form Class. One of her students went home and told her Mum about this. Sonya (the Mum) reached out to my Business Teacher and asked to be a mentor to one of the Year 13 Business groups and to also ask me about teaching a class in the holidays. I said yes and we organised it for Monday 13 July.

What happened at the class was that I demonstrated making a batch of plain cookies and then I got my six students, who ranged from the age of 9-13, to each make a batch of cookies. They then got to choose from a large range of ingredients to flavour their cookies.

This is where it went a little hectic because one kid just wanted to make a single flavoured cookie, another kid wanted to make two really big cookies and the other kids got really inventive making 3-5 different flavoured cookies. I really enjoyed how creative the kids were with the flavours they came up with (even if some of the cookies didn’t taste that great) but I also liked how talkative they were with each other, sharing different stories about themselves.

Overall, it was a fun day and the kids went home happy with some homemade cookies. This wonderful experience has resulted in the opportunity to conduct another workshop in the summer holidays.

If you want to make an order or have any other questions email me at

Or check out my Facebook for any updates and the cookie selection: Missy Moo Munchies

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