Culinary project reaches into the community

By Moe Tun and Zara Wilson
Year 11 Culinary Creators

This year in Year 11 Food Technology, the four classes had the wonderful opportunity of creating a meal solution for a person in need.

As part of our market research, we looked at different forms of meal solutions available and even got to taste various pre-prepared meals. Next, we looked into existing community meal solution providers and the communities they provide for. From that, and considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has greatly affected many people financially, we decided to create a meal solution for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We chose to create frozen pre-prepared meals to address this issue.

Moe: My target audience was a single person with an extremely busy lifestyle living alone in a small apartment. They would not have the resources to cook a full nutritious meal for themselves every day. This is because they may be working multiple jobs, and with extra precautions needed due to COVID-19, their work shifts would be much longer and stressful.

Zara: The target market I chose to make my meal for was an elderly person. This is because they usually rely on families or neighbours to bring them meals but because of COVID-19 restrictions, that may not be able to happen. They may also lack cooking skills and  struggle to make a healthy meal that fits their nutrition needs.

We looked into different cultures that we could base our meal on and decided to go with the Mexican culture. The Mexican culture has many traditional meals but we thought the quesadillas were best suited for our need and target market.

The four Food Technology classes all donated our meals to The Salvation Army in Glenfield. They were very appreciative of the frozen meals and hearing that was definitely very heartwarming. We felt really good about donating our food as it was our way of giving back to the community and helping people who are in need of a healthy meal.

We got this feedback from The Salvation Army:

“Zara and Moe’s meal was given to a man that can not afford food. He came back to the Salvation Army building a couple of hours after thanking the salvation army for the delicious meal. His words were: ‘Best meal I have ever eaten, thank you so much’.”

Thank you for this awesome opportunity allowing us to make a meal for those in need. The feedback The Salvation Army received  really shows the meals were needed. We are planning to continue making meals and donating them.

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