Envirogroup reaches into the community

Enviro Warriors

With the start of a new decade, the Envirogroup is looking to truly take steps forward towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Westlake.

From collection of bread tags and pens to be upcycled to a week dedicated to cutting our carbon footprint – we are making changes! We are also looking to establish an effective bin system in the school, with each classroom having a dedicated recycling, paper and rubbish bin.

Not only are we focusing on the environmental well-being of Westlake Girls High School, but we are also taking action to assist the wider community. On 6 March we will be holding a beach clean up at Milford and the local area. Alongside all of this, we are introducing a Westlake Gardening Group in which we aim to give back to the community by growing fresh produce to donate to the less fortunate.

Through all of these projects and initiatives, we aim to improve the environment throughout Westlake Girls High School and our local community.

By Abigail Tsang and Isabella Lawrey

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