Things to note

Paying through the Parent Portal:

With recent changes to our website, we have become aware that school payments are made more frequently through our bank account than through the Parent Portal. Paying through the Parent Portal means you can quickly and easily see what payments are needed, and those you have already paid.

Access to the Parent Portal can be found on the home page (the last red button on the right) or through “Menu/Starting at Westlake/Online Payments” or simply type Here’s the link to make it easy: Online Payments

Assessment calendars now online:

Knowing when your daughter has assessments due can be really helpful in terms of support and encouraging good time management. Here’s how you can keep track.

We have Google Calendars on our website which show the approximate dates for all assessment of NCEA internally-assessed Standards during 2019. Confirmation of the dates will be given to students by the subject teacher and students will be informed if there are any changes to the dates published.

Year 11
Year 12
Year 13

Tips for using Google Calendar:

  • Google Calendars can be exported as an iCal file via the settings if you wish to view it through another application.
  • The calendar can be printed on a term-by-term basis by selecting relevant start and end dates. This will be helpful for supporting time management.
  • The search function will help you to locate assessments specifically in the courses your daughter is enrolled in.  Assessments are entered using the course code that appears on your daughter’s timetable.

Absence procedures:

We have had a few students signing out incorrectly viat Attendance and the Health Nurse recently. Here’s a refresher on the procedure to follow if your daughter is absent from school, or needs to leave early.

Absence: It is a Ministry requirement to have a written or emailed explanation of a student’s absence in order for the correct attendance code to be assigned. Parents or caregivers should contact the school in the morning either by emailing AND your daughter’s Form Teacher, remembering to give the reason for the absence. Alternatively you can call 489 4169 to talk to the Attendance Officer or press 1 to leave a message. A message must be followed up with an email or note to your daughter’s Form Teacher within three days of returning to school. For parents or caregivers unable to email, a written note on the student’s return to school is expected. Medical certificates are required for extended periods of absence, or if a student is unable to sit an NCEA internal assessment or examination.

Lateness: Students must bring an explanatory note and give it to the Attendance Officer upon arrival in the main reception at the Gernhoefer Admin Centre. Alternatively email the Attendance Officer and Form Teacher.

Exiting during the day: Students needing to leave school for appointments need to collect a form from the Attendance Officer at reception before signing out.

Going away on holiday: If there is a planned family holiday during term time, or your daughter needs to take time off school, she must see her House Dean with a letter from a parent/caregiver to get a Leave Form. That form must then be filled out by all her teachers, signed by a parent/caregiver and then returned to her Dean before the leave date.

Sickness: If your daughter becomes sick at school, she will be sent to the School Health Centre and you will be notified if she needs to be sent home. It’s important your daughter sees the Nurse at the Health Centre before she calls you for collection.

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