International Languages Week at WGHS

To celebrate this occasion, different activities were held around the school and the school community was actively encouraged to have a go at saying something in another language by members of our Languages Council and club leaders.  Students were made welcome to attend our language clubs and enjoy a language that is not their mother tongue. All attempts by students and staff to communicate with others in a language they have learnt were appreciated.

Our excited winners of the Amazing Spanish Race were Nik Dean of 9AMD (first),  Ishani Soni-Singh of 10AKM and Sophia Santayana of 10AKM (second), Hannah Richardson of 10ODR and Bree Souster of 10HGL (third).

This week was about realising that English is not enough in a world that is plurilingual.  It is worthy of mention that many of our staff speak one or more of the languages that are on our school curriculum.

Pictured top are the Amazing Spanish Race contestants before they headed out at lunchtime yesterday, and below left are the winners. Below right is the Languages Council (students of Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) and their teachers.

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