Internships and work experience help define career pathways

GirlBoss advantage programme

Three of our students STEAM students, Ariana George (Y12, pictured left), Neve Cusens and Yasmin Darwish (both Y11) were successful at securing a place at the very competitive GirlBoss NZ Advantage programme which took place during the summer break becoming the highlight of their holidays.

They were part of a group of 28 girls selected from over 250 applications to complete an internship at Fletchers Nz. Here are the highlights of the event which reinforce the importance of forging connections with industry.

“ I feel so lucky to have met and learnt so much from inspiring young women who have positive attitudes towards their future careers and their own personal passions and innovations. We learnt the value of public speaking, networking with business people, connecting with companies, and group work. I have learnt the value of working hard in the workplace and the fact that you can always start reaching your goals young.” Neve Cusens

“ I had the incredible opportunity to be apart of the Girboss Advantage programme powered by Fletchers. Through this program, we participated in workshops that helped find my core values, strengths, and challenges and how to effectively manage these. At the end of this program, I was offered a paid internship with Fletchers which is another incredible opportunity. In conclusion, this program was nothing but a positive experience, I met so many amazing people who care about the professionals of tomorrow and I gained so much more self-confidence, acceptance, connections. I became so much more confident that I even went on a podcast later that week! This programme kickstarted my journey into the professional world!’ Ariana George

Pictured top are Neve Cusens, Ariana George, Susana Tomaz, Yasmin Darwish and Alexia Hilbertidou.

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