Life skills for an adolescent to take outside of the classroom

By Elizabeth Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

As our Year 13 students prepare to move on to tertiary training, volunteer work and employment in 2021, I have researched some of the most commonly identified skills required for adulting.
Westlake Girls High School graduates will have accumulated knowledge, skills and behaviours to assist them to navigate careers, relationships and challenges in the future. This is in addition to the 24 hour, everyday and ongoing learning, love and support provided by parents and caregivers outside of school.

How to communicate appropriately in a variety of situations. This includes social media, text, email, speaking to employers, educators and service providers.

Maintaining basic personal hygiene, including their laundry, as well as how to keep their living environment clean.

Being on time
Understanding that they are responsible for getting up in the morning, to get to school, sports practices and part-time jobs on time.

Have the confidence, familiarity and independence to get themselves around their neighbourhood. This is especially important if your daughter is moving to a new city for University. Learning to drive is also a valuable skill.

Managing Money
Learn how to manage simple finances involving their own money, such as managing a bank account, how to apply for and manage a student loan, understanding a payslip and importance of Kiwisaver contributions.

Food Choices
Know how to select foods to plan and prepare basic meals which will give them the energy and nutrients to carry out daily activities and support long term health.

Know what to do in an emergency, who to go to and where to get support or help when needed, really vital if your daughter is living away from home. This would include physical help but also support for any mental health and wellbeing

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