Lockdown Legends – Beth Naylor

Beth Naylor
Pupuke House Captain


I’m at home with:
My family 🙂

My top tip for remote learning is:

Keep a balance!! Make sure to keep doing the things you enjoy. This will help you keep a positive mindset. 4 weeks is a long time to be self isolating but it is also an opportunity to get around to doing those things you always wanted to do but never had time to! It’s important to keep up to date with schoolwork but make sure to save some time for yourself; FaceTime friends, get outside, watch some Netflix, hug a pet, learn a language! Make the most of it!


One thing I’ve learnt during my first week in lock down:
It’s super easy to get lazy but this will only make you feel worse and impact how you make use of your time. For me, the way I spend the first few hours of the day massively impacts how the rest of my day looks. If I get up early and spend the first few hours getting productive work done, or going for a run or walk, then I find the rest of the day seems less daunting. Try and make good use of these first couple of hours as they tend to ‘set the tone’ for the following ones.


During the school holidays I will:
Hopefully make the most of this ‘forced’ break. I’ve been meaning to get back into photography and this is a great opportunity for me to do this. I’m lucky enough to live in beautiful Muriwai so there’s heaps of opportunities to get out and do things that I enjoy. I’m also hoping to use these coming weeks to get more fit! So hopefully lots of mountain biking and running over the next couple of weeks.


Right now I’m loving:
Baking! Little bit of a procrastibaker- Can’t say my mum is very happy as I seem to be using all the flour and sugar very quickly!


My recommended binge watch on Netflix:
“I’m Not Okay With This”. So good!! Gutted there’s only one season. Atypical, Lovesick, and Sex Education are also some favourites of mine

The first thing I’ll do when I get back to school:
Catch up with my friends, I’m so so excited to see them all again. I am really missing them and this self-isolation period is allowing me to reflect on things I may have taken for granted. 

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