Lockdown Legends – Paul Davis

Mr Davis

My role is:
Currently tidying up the local streets on my morning walks and keeping up with all the emails that still are coming in relating to school (pictured right opposite A block on Wairau Rd, and top outside the school).

My top tip for remote learning is:
Have a routine (and stick to it) and make sure you take regular breaks. Walk around the house, walk outside, look around and see that even though things are a bit different at the moment, we are still a lot better of than people in a number of other countries trying to cope with this virus situation.

Something I’ve learnt over the past week in lockdown is:
How would we ever have coped if we did not have the internet, and how quiet it can be without traffic noise. I also know I could not have a job where you just sit at a desk all day and work at a computer… Being at a school and doing a lot of different things and talking and interacting with a lot of people in a day is way more enjoyable and interesting!!

The thing I’m missing about school right now is:
The variety of what happens in a day (bus duty, assemblies, teaching, students bringing up those great items they have found around the school, lunchtime detention students). In a lockdown/isolation/distancing situation, there is not huge variation in the days – are the weekend days now any different to the week days!! I miss the students waving as they past my office window as school. The other thing I miss a lot, is that just around now the main winter sports for our students begins. I am missing going down to watch our teams play and cheer them on. Year 9 netball on a Tuesday after school, football (soccer) or badminton on a Wednesday after school, crazy lacrosse on a Thursday after school and Year 10 – Year 13 netball on a Saturday morning. However, I want to encourage keep up the fitness and practice as they may run some of these competitions in reduced formats when we return to school.

Right now I’m loving:
Still listening to G’NR (Guns And Roses) music whenever I want in the day and adding in some Talking Heads and Lady Gaga of course!! I have also had a number of other walkers out in the morning when I am cleaning the local streets say “thank you” which is nice.

The first thing I’ll do when I come back to school is:
Walk around it to make sure it is nice and tidy for when the students re-start. “Clean school = clean mind” ha ha.

Milford shops                                                East Coast Road

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