Looking after your hauora – with help from Attitude

Looking after your Hauora

In this video we introduce the concept of Hauora and recommend 2 TIPS that young people can use to look after their Taha Tinana and Taha Wairua.

There are discussion points during the video. You will be invited to pause the video and discuss or perhaps ask for feedback from students to reinforce the messages.

  1. Taha Tinana – Physical well-being. Allenzo highlights the benefits of getting a quality sleep. His tip is to RECHARGE. This is very important message during this time when young people are spending more screen time than ever and can sleep can be constantly interrupted by devices . If your phone needs to recharge then so do you.

 Conversation starter: What could you do to get a better quality sleep?

  1. Taha Wairua – Spiritual well-being. Rory gives the tip that to improve your spiritual well-being FIND YOUR REASON WHY YOU DO STUFF. Being stuck in isolation can feel pretty pointless but if you know WHY you are doing it, it can give your life some purpose. That’s going to be really good for your wairua. If you are struggling to find a reason or purpose then talk to someone about it.
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