Mural reflects Westlake’s culture

How do we celebrate our diverse culture at WGHS?

For the Art Department the best solution was to create a Mural to capture what we treasure the most, our diverse and uniqueness. The 12 metre panel captures iconic imagery of patterns, shapes and colour to symbolise our culture.

Who created this fantastic mural?

Emma Ormsby, our Art Technician, accepted the challenge and applied this opportunity with enthusiasm and superb organisational skills. Emma was a Year 13 student in 2019, and is currently studying a conjoint Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Māori Students at the University of Auckland.

The inception of this process began earlier in the year, and was delayed due to lockdown. However, there is always a silver lining as it allowed us to ask some key questions, such as how do we make this meaningful to our school? How will we get this done?

In Term 4 Emma had the vision to reflect our culture by having an emphasis on collaboration. Our Year 11 and Year 9 Art students contributed by brushing on a palette of harmonious colours. To take it a step further, Emma entered the Mural into the “Mural Masterpieces” competition and also submitted it as her Drawing assignment at Elam School of Fine Arts. Fingers crossed Emma receives positive outcomes for both.

This journey was been one to treasure and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. They say “Good things take time” but without Emma’s motivation, passion and the creative drive to complete the Mural we would still have a blank canvas lining our school.

NB: When the Event Centre is complete, the Mural will be moved to another location within our school.


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