Music reflections from an international perspective

We love how our International students become an integral part of our Westlake whānau. Today we are proud present two of our international students, who reflect on their experiences studying music at Westlake.

Xiaofan Sherry Zhang (pictured above left)

My name is Xiaofan Sherry Zhang and I have been in New Zealand for three and a half years. My agent recommended a list of schools and I did some research on all of them. I noticed that WGHS has a great reputation in the field of music and also a good academic atmosphere – so I decided to choose WGHS.

I have been playing violin for 11 years, and my long-term goal with music is to become a professional violinist. During my time here at Westlake, the Music Department has offered me lots of opportunities to perform on stage. I joined orchestras and other music activities, and the staff always give me good advice and full support. I enjoy playing in the orchestras and the opportunities to perform musical works in front of audiences. It is a rewarding experience. I enjoy collaborating with other talented musicians and making new friends. I greatly appreciated it.

My advice to other international students wanting to get involved with music would be to join and participate in lots of choirs and orchestras and other music activities. Always audition even if you doubt your ability and chances of getting in. Getting involved in music is a great way to get to know more talented people and have lots of fun.

Amelie Kreibich (pictured above right)

I am Amelie Kreibich, an International student from Germany and I go to Westlake Girls High school. I take music as a subject, I take piano lessons and I joined “ Cigno voce” choir at the beginning of the year.

Taking music at Westlake is quite a bit different from my German school. My German school has a choir, but you don’t meet as many new people as you do at Westlake. I would advise every International student to join a choir at Westlake, mainly to improve your singing, but also to meet people and to go on Choir Camp 🙂

At Westlake you perform with other students in your music class and learn a lot about music, while you still do fun stuff like performing and composing. I really enjoy singing in my choir, and a highlight was going to Choir Camp in Whangaparaoa. We had a lot of fun with our friends while we practiced our pieces. Choirs at Westlake give you the opportunity to improve your singing skills as well as meeting many new people.

I have been playing the piano for about 11 years and to keep improving, I take piano lessons at Westlake. My piano teacher helps me get better and improve my techniques and piano skills. I enjoy being involved in music at Westlake in general because I learned many new things and I made many good friends through music.

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