New Student Rep elected for Board of Trustees

Year 12 student Sarah Penny is the newly elected Student Representative on our Board of Trustees. She was one of 10 outstanding candidates this year. A huge congratulations to everyone who campaigned, and our thanks to outgoing Student Rep Grace Chen for her incredible contribution.

Here’s an introduction by Sarah.

Hello to the amazing humans that make up the Westlake Girls community, I’m Sarah Penny, your Student Representative on the Board of Trustees!

First off, I am over the moon and so grateful to have this opportunity to give the student body’s perspective on board decisions, so a huge thank you to everyone who voted.

The most important thing to know about me is that I want to help people and make the world a better place (a corny saying, but true nevertheless). I also have a dog, am passionate about human rights and the arts (I have a love of stories, dance and drama) – all things I believe will help me act out the wishes and wants of my incredible fellow students (seriously, you’re all so amazing, every single one of you).

I have been an Amnesty leader for two years, have experience on student council, in past Westlake productions, have had public speaking and performance experience through dance and acting and I am a student librarian. Over my time at Westlake I feel I have a deep connection with the goings on at our school and understand the perspectives of my friends and classmates.

Lastly, to Westlake students I want to say that my metaphorical door is always open -or rather my email inbox is always available – and if there is ever any topics or issues you feel I could address, I will do my best to create change for the benefit of our school.

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