NZALT Certificates of Excellence 2019 results in Languages

A high rate of top achievement in Languages yet again.

We wish to congratulate all our students who performed so well in their international language in NCEA last year. From Levels 1 to 3, the high rate of success of many language students in 2019 is to be commended. Those students listed below who are currently at Westlake attained Excellence overall in NCEA in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish at Levels 1 and 2.

To celebrate their achievement, each student has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the New Zealand Language Teachers’ Association which they can now add to their portfolio of skills and accomplishments for future employment opportunities.

To their credit, these students have worked diligently to polish their language skills since Year 9.  We acknowledge the many other students who also attained sound grades in their chosen international language(s).  As teachers, we are encouraged by their fine efforts.

Teachers of the Languages Department

NameExamination LevelLanguageHouse
Rachel AnNCEA Level 1ChineseOnewa
Yulin ChenNCEA Level 1ChineseAkoranga
Bella Ding NCEA Level 1ChineseOnewa
Emily HanNCEA Level 1ChineseOnewa
Iris HooNCEA Level 1ChineseAkoranga
Ellisa SanicasNCEA Level 1ChineseOnewa
Sarah ZhouNCEA Level 1ChineseOnewa
Selina ChanNCEA Level 1JapaneseHauraki
Christy ChenNCEA Level 1JapaneseWairau
Jane ChoiNCEA Level 1JapanesePupuke
Kay FrabrinNCEA Level 1JapaneseAkoranga
Rachel HuangNCEA Level 1JapaneseHauraki
Kathy LiNCEA Level 1JapanesePupuke
Yvonne LiewNCEA Level 1JapaneseWairau
Sera NakayamaNCEA Level 1JapaneseAkoranga
Venxia NiuNCEA Level 1JapaneseOnewa
Angela ParkNCEA Level 1JapaneseAkoranga
Mauwee Louise PenaNCEA Level 1JapaneseAkoranga
Ruby QuNCEA Level 1JapaneseHauraki
Naiki SaitoNCEA Level 1JapaneseAkoranga
Lijing SunNCEA Level 1JapaneseWairau
Trinity VongNCEA Level 1JapaneseWairau
Asa WallerNCEA Level 1JapanesePupuke
Sylvia Si Yu YeNCEA Level 1JapaneseWairau
Brooke BattyNCEA Level 1SpanishAkoranga
Grace ChenNCEA Level 1SpanishWairau
Corina ErrazoNCEA Level 1SpanishWairau
Hannah JonesNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Jumana MaashNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Kavya MohananNCEA Level 1SpanishOnewa
Grace OttenhofNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Leah PatrickNCEA Level 1SpanishOnewa
Emma PattersonNCEA Level 1SpanishWairau
Parmida Raeis-HosseiniNCEA Level 1SpanishPupuke
Jin UmNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Paris Watkins BarlowNCEA Level 1SpanishOnewa
Sadheera WeerapperumaNCEA Level 1SpanishAkoranga
Sarah PennyNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Miju JungNCEA Level 1SpanishOnewa
Sophie JonesNCEA Level 1SpanishPupuke
Margaret CudmoreNCEA Level 1SpanishOnewa
Sarah BinnieNCEA Level 1SpanishHauraki
Maia AbbottNCEA Level 1SpanishAkoranga
Sofia Anglelova-BrayNCEA Level 1SpanishAkoranga
Annabelle DingNCEA Level 1FrenchAkoranga
Natalija HayesNCEA Level 1FrenchHauraki
Zichen Nancy JingNCEA Level 1FrenchHauraki
Anya JohnsNCEA Level 1FrenchHauraki
Samantha TorresNCEA Level 1FrenchOnewa
Georgia WebsterNCEA Level 1FrenchAkoranga
Zoe WuNCEA Level 1FrenchWairau
Naomi YacyshenNCEA Level 1FrenchOnewa
Caitlin BakerNCEA Level 1GermanPupuke
Kata Adrienn IspanovitsNCEA Level 1GermanAkoranga
Huda KhanNCEA Level 1GermanHauraki
Tessa WatsonNCEA Level 1GermanWairau
Da Eun BaekNCEA Level 2ChineseAkoranga
Amy KimNCEA Level 2ChineseAkoranga
Jina KimNCEA Level 2ChineseAkoranga
Celine LiangNCEA Level 2ChineseOnewa
Jessica LiuNCEA Level 2ChineseHauraki
Seo Yu Eily ParkNCEA Level 2ChineseWairau
Paris ShenNCEA Level 2ChineseOnewa
Cindy YangNCEA Level 2ChinesePupuke
Sela CourtenayNCEA Level 2JapanesePupuke
Julia HaNCEA Level 2JapanesePupuke
Kyoka IhashiNCEA Level 2JapaneseHauraki
Suyeon KimNCEA Level 2JapaneseWairau
Alice LeNCEA Level 2JapaneseWairau
Jessica LiuNCEA Level 2JapaneseHauraki
Natalie MarryattNCEA Level 2JapaneseWairau
Rina NagaokaNCEA Level 2JapaneseHauraki
Serena O’DeaNCEA Level 2JapaneseWairau
Sally ParkNCEA Level 2JapanesePupuke
Jinyi SiNCEA Level 2JapanesePupuke
Leila SuNCEA Level 2JapaneseHauraki
Rita RakeuchiNCEA Level 2JapaneseHauraki
Sarah WallerNCEA Level 2JapanesePupuke
Viggy Veerin WattanawongNCEA Level 2JapaneseWairau
Mila EichelsheimNCEA Level 2SpanishWairau
Emma TuckerNCEA Level 2SpanishPupuke
Selin AkkayaNCEA Level 2FrenchAkoranga
Juliette BriceNCEA Level 2FrenchHauraki
Sarra EkladiousNCEA Level 2FrenchPupuke
Yomna HegazyNCEA Level 2FrenchOnewa
Yinming LiNCEA Level 2FrenchOnewa
Hannah TroughtonNCEA Level 2FrenchPupuke
Annika PletikosicNCEA Level 2GermanWairau
Sarah WallerNCEA Level 2GermanPupuke
Xiaofan Sherry ZhangNCEA Level 2GermanHauraki
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