PE camp filled with adventure and unforgettable memories

By Paige Blake
Year 12 PE

On Sunday 2 August, the Year 12 PE students said goodbye to their phones and began the long drive to Hillary Outdoors in Tongariro for what would be a jam packed week filled with many exciting, challenging and character building opportunities.

Throughout the week, students were able to take part in a variety of outdoor activities such as caving, abseiling, high ropes, tramping, mountaineering, canoeing and an overnight trip away from the Hillary Outdoor centre with their group. Each of these activities was an opportunity that not many would experience and although challenging, these activities allowed students to step outside of their comfort zones and also to support their peers to push themselves as well.

It was a tiring, tough week for most but the time spent in Tongariro was an unforgettable experience where new friendships were formed and students were able to push themselves and their group members to new heights.

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