Post-(1st)lockdown sees knitting resurgence

Knitting club is on at lunchtime every Wednesday in C1. Whether your daughter already knows how to knit or it is something she has never done before, Knitting Club is a great place to learn the skills.

We have learnt the foundation stitches that make up knitting, as well as learning how to cast on and off. Students then progress their way through reading a pattern and knitting a beanie for a premature baby.  At the end of the year, all the beanies will be collected and donated to the hospital.

We really enjoy coming to Knitting Club because it is a warm, happy environment which enables us to make and create. We are also in the process of learning how to crochet, to expand our capability and creativity.

Maya and Caya

Ed’s note: The creativity experienced during the previous lockdown has resulted in a wave of new knitters joining the club. The beanie in the top photo was made by a first-time knitter.

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