Some good advice from our librarians

We are in school holidays right now, but on Wednesday 15 April Term 2’s online learning programme will begin.

Our Teacher Librarian, Megan Davidson, has this advice for students:

Use databases for research

While students are at home doing online learning, we encourage them to use the EPIC databases for research.  They will find reliable, verified, approved information, written by experts.  In that way, databases are preferable to Google.  Students have access to about 25 different databases in a variety of subject areas suck as world history, environment, health & wellness, global issues, and more.  The Ministry of Education pays for all NZ students to have access to these databases, so as long as they are logged into their school account, they will be able to access the databases without a password.  Using databases now is also good preparation for university, where they will be faced with hundred of databases for their research.

E-books from the public library

Free e-books and audiobooks are still available from the Auckland Council Libraries while their buildings are closed.  And anyone can open a new ebook account online even if you don’t currently have a library card!  All you need is an email address.

Once you’ve signed up, you can borrow:

  • Non-fiction e-books for assessments, research and study
  • Fiction e-books for recreational reading
  • Graphic novel e-books
  • e-Audiobooks
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