Sports Challenge Winners

We had a brilliant response to our Sports and Wellbeing Prefect-run Challenges. There was one challenge a day over five days. Here are the winners.

Day One

The Day One Challenge was brought to you by Hauraki House Sports and Wellbeing Prefect Nyla Bunyan. The goal was to go for a walk, run or bike and create a shape from the route.

The winner was Anya Powell – Onewa’s House Captain. Well done on a very creative walk. Do you see it?





Day Two
Day Two of the Lockdown Challenge was brought to you by Onewa Onewa House Sports and Wellbeing Prefect Charlotte Lewis. The goal was to showcase your sport at home and demonstrate how you’re keeping fit in lockdown. The winner was Year 10 student Frederika Clements. That’s a pretty impressive workout Frederika!

Day Three
The winner of our Day 3 Lockdown Challenge was Year 11 student Ella Dorward. The challenge, presented by Akoranga Sports and Wellbeing Prefect Greer Mackintosh, was to perform a trick shot. Well done Ella!

Day Four
Decision pending! Winner announced shortly

Day Five
Meet the very clever Abigail Clements – winner of our Day 5 challenge – which was brought to you by Wairau’s Sports and Wellbeing Prefect Charli Foster. The winner was the person who could lie down the fastest with a cup of water on their head. That’s pretty impressive Abigail!

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