Lockdown Legends – Anya Powell

Anya Powell – Onewa House 

I’m at home with:
My family.

My top tip for remote learning is:
Make sure you always have some good food around to snack on for motivation! (Frozen peas and berries are my new fave!)

One thing I’ve learnt during my first week in lock down is:
To organise ‘work time’ with your family so you all end up working at the same time. This means that there won’t be one person (like a gaming younger brother🙄) making heaps of noise while the rest of you are trying to get some work done.

During the school holidays I will:
I’m honestly not too sure at this point.  Read?

Right now I’m loving:
Having time to play piano and teach myself some new songs!

My recommended binge watch on Netflix is:
Gilmore Girls and Big Bang Theory. They’re both superrrr long and will keep you going for a while!

The first thing I’ll do when I get back to school is:
Hug my friends!! (who I’m already missing so much!)

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