Lockdown Legends – Lara Remo

Lara Remo
Akoranga House Captain

I’m at home with:
Family and our cat, Lucy.

My top tip for remote learning is:
Get comfy, find the best environment that works for you, and claim it as your study spot! (Bonus tip: Time of the day can also be part of your environment, so figure out when best you study and keep that in mind as well!)

One thing I’ve learnt during my first week in lock down is:
Don’t try to study in bed. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake plenty of times. While it’s the recipe for a great nap/Netflix session, not so much for work and study.

During the school holidays I will:
Finally, get to read the books left neglected and collecting dust bunnies on my bookshelf. Six of Crows, I’m looking at you.

Right now I’m loving:
Loooong Skype calls and Netflix Parties with my friends. It keeps me sane and keeps me connected with my friends!

My recommended binge watch on Netflix is:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, always. It has crime fighting, comedy and a cast of cool characters. All the important Cs.

The first thing I’ll do when I get back to school is:
Give my friends a big hug 🙂

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