Lockdown Legends – Kaia Tupu-South

Kaia Tupu-South
Head Prefect

I’m at home with:
My older brother, parents and earless cat.

My top tip for remote learning is:
Make the most of the opportunity of being at home in a flexible learning environment! There are so many ‘things’ to associate your learning and study with, whether that be the extreme of my photo using the garden or any plants/ pets to help you understand visually and actively about science topics or getting inspiration for English/ technology classes from around the house (eg, baking for food tech, naming every object in your house in Spanish) and lastly involve your family/ isolation buddies no matter how much they resist – because even explaining your learning to someone else will help you better understand yourself even if they don’t have a clue what you’re talking about (like my parents)!!

One thing I’ve learnt during my first week in lock down is:
Enjoy this time with your loved ones because it’s not often that life and the world/NZ will essentially ‘pause’ for 4 weeks. Time is often always the hardest thing to manage especially when we’re at school and balancing our lives as well as our parents working, but right now sitting at home it seems like time is endless, so instead of complaining about being bored, relish in this time!!

During the school holidays I will:
Hopefully get back into throwing discuses after my ankle injury (without a coach of course – because social distancing is where it’s at!), Skype some friends if I can figure out the technology, study some more of course, and probably give in to downloading tik tok!

Right now I’m loving:
Setting no alarms, and being able to have a hot lunch without waiting in the tuck shop line. Plus getting quality time with my family.

My recommended binge watch on Netflix is:
I can’t binge watch series for some reason, but I’m currently watching ‘Suits’ every now and then and it’s pretty good. Some past favourites have been Gossip Girl, PLL and Vampire Diaries (only up until season 3 though because after that it’s boring)!

The first thing I’ll do when I get back to school is:
Have a calcuclass reunion with Ms Kim because it’s probably the thing I’ll miss most!

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