Lockdown Legends – Christina Pollock

Christina Pollock
Communications and Marketing Manager

What I do at Westlake:
I look after our communication to parents including The Voice newsletter, App, emails, website content and Facebook. I’m also our Brand Champion – so publications and anything involving our logo swing past my office for a tick.

One thing I’ve learnt during the first week of lockdown:
I’m a morning person, I’ve learnt that I operate best in a routine that includes a pre-dawn walk to watch the sun rise, and a decent cup of coffee outside on the patio when I get home. Then I set up my work station and jump in until around 4pm. After that, it’s a bit of a slog and I’m basically thinking about snacks.

What I’m doing work-wise during lockdown:
I’m working on this edition of The Voice, making sure there is still fun and informative content on our Facebook page and updating our website. Also working with SLT to ensure our parent community stays well informed.

I’m loving:
How everyone seems to be enjoying the simple things now that normal life has changed – teddy bears in windows, connecting with family, walking in the sunshine, snacks.

I’m missing:
Our students and the vibrancy they bring to our school.

The first thing I will do when I get back to school is:
Swing by Smales Farm to order a soy flat white from Goodness Gracious, take it to staff briefing and enjoy being back amongst people who aren’t my husband (wonderful as our bubble is).

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