Supporting your daughter in Year 13

Year 13 is a big year for students – their final year at high school before they decide on the next step of their life journey.

Studies show there is a clear link between students taking care of their health, and their overall productivity during the final year of school. Understanding how best to support your daughter’s health and wellbeing during this time will help her perform at her best.

The student brain has a lot going on, so understanding how it works will help them get the most out of their brain power. Acknowledge that not all stress is bad. The art is in finding the right balance. Having the right amount of stress can encourage students to be at their optimal level of alertness, and improve behavioural and cognitive performance. It helps tune their brain and focus.

In this Special Report, SchoolTV offers a number of strategies on how best to support your daughter during this important transitional year. Read it here.

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