Lockdown Legends – Tayla Boyd

Tayla Boyd

I teach:
Health and Physical Education

My top tip for remote learning is:
Keep it simple, fun, exciting and manageable – learning can be done anywhere and there are so many awesome activities that teachers have put together around the world during this time, but how students interpret the work is even better!

Something I’ve learnt over the past week in lockdown is:
That I really miss my students and work colleagues and value the relationships I have with them .Thank goodness for Google Meet and its filters!

My best advice for the school holidays is:
Have fun, try to keep things as normal as you can. It might help to have some structure, there can be the odd duvet/PJ days but others you need to get out and enjoy the sunshine whilst spending time with your family – they are finding it tough too.

Right now I’m loving:
Completing at home workouts and challenging my students to a range of similar tasks. I also am getting the chance to read the books that I never seemed to find the time to.

The first thing I’ll do when I come back to school is: Congratulate the students for getting through lockdown and showing resilience. Secondly, I would ask them what they wanted to do, since they have been restricted for so long!! 😊

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