This Is Us

Megan Davidson

What do you teach/do at Westlake?
I’m the Teacher-Librarian, which is an extremely unusual role in NZ; there are only a couple in the entire country.  I was a teacher in America for 10 years, and then got a Master’s degree in Library.  That means I’m qualified to teach information skills in all the classrooms.  For example, I teach all the Y10 students about plagiarism, Y11s learn about databases, Y13s learn how to make a bibliography, and all the Y9s are currently learning better search skills.

How long have you been at Westlake?
10 glorious years

What’s the most interesting thing you have done in your career?
I collected 8,000 5 cent coins for the bestselling author John Green and made him cry. And he sent me a signed copy of the book (pictured).

What’s the most interesting thing about you that people might not know?
I had 4 boys in 5 years. (They are now 40, 38, 37, and 35)  Plus I have six grandchildren in America who I skype with daily.  For instance, I’m reading Harry Potter to the 9-year-old, a bedtime story every day with the 3-year-old, and the 2-year-old is obsessed with The Little Yellow Digger.

Greatest achievement:
Moving to New Zealand in 2005 was the best decision we ever made!  I may never lose my American accent, but I am definitely and gratefully a Kiwi citizen.

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