Westlake Wellness How to stay motivated

By Elizabeth Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

Many teachers have observed some of our students are engaged and thriving under the current system, enjoying taking responsibility for their learning and having time to consolidate knowledge in their own time. The whole school community has experienced disruption to daily routines with new ways of working and learning from home. Without the usual interaction of teachers and friends in the school environment, feelings of boredom and lack of motivation are common. As level 2 approaches there will again be new routines and challenges to adapt to. 

Below are some tips to help your daughter stay motivated

  • Do one thing in the morning big or small 
  • Make a really simple checklist, then you can tick things off and feel a sense of achievement (got up, ate breakfast, showered)
  • Keep a list of immediate goals (today) and longer term goals (end of term or year or longer)
  • Interact with positive people and emulate traits you admire in others
  • Record (in a journal or digital diary) something you enjoyed (avocado on toast)
  • Show off your achievements
  • I submitted my work on time!
  • I learnt how to…..
  • I made dinner tonight
  • Reward yourself, “I will complete these 5 questions, then …..”.

We are all looking forward to returning to a “new normal”


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