Westlake Wellness – Managing your workload

By Elizabeth Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

Managing your workload whether you are at school as a student, in unpaid work or paid employment requires some skill.

We all need someone who really believes in us and will support us (a cheerleader). It is also really helpful to have someone you respect who can give you professional guidance (a mentor). Your cheerleader or mentor can support and encourage you.

Goal setting and planning

  • Mind-maps
  • Online planners
  • Wall planners
  • Have the year/week/day – a visual reminder of what you want to achieve but also deadlines that are required to be met

  • Use a highlighter (essential, required, preferred)
  • Put in order
  • Be prepared to change the order!
  • Different tasks will take priority at different times
  • Remember time with your family is a top priority
Make a checklist

It is really easy to forget items during the day, develop a system for recording that works for you

  • Daily planner
  • Coloured card
  • Notes in iphone
  • Sticky notes
Balance your workload

Develop strategies to manage your workload and to balance school and extra-curricular activities.

Work together

Where ever possible study with other students so you can bounce ideas off each other.

Make a listTry to complete something on your list every day. Keep a record of completed tasks, and you will be amazed at what you achieve each day!
Say no when you need toSaying “no” can be fear driven but it is also a way to protect yourself from being overburdened or overwhelmed. It is really important to develop strategies for saying no when you need to.

“I would love to help but I can’t at the moment”
“I can’t give an answer right now, will you check back with me?”
“I want to, but am unable to”
“I really appreciate you asking me, but I am unable to at the moment”
“I understand that you really need my help, but I am not able to say yes”
“I am honored that you asked me, but my answer is no”
“No I can’t do that, but here is something I can do”

Say yes when you want toSaying “yes”, opens doors and opportunities. Saying yes is creativity driven, providing richer life experiences where you can stretch/challenge yourself It can be hard and sometimes really scary, but if someone believes in you… why not?

“Yes, I would be delighted”
“Yes, how can I help you”
“Yes, I will be up for that”
“Wow, thank you for thinking of me, yes I would be really interested”
“Yes, if you think I would be suitable”


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