Westlake Wellness – Your Inner Superpower

By Elizabeth Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

During the past few weeks it has been really interesting to see and hear what our students have been doing, as well as some of the challenges they are dealing with personally and within their bubble. Their ability to adapt to the current changes is a valuable skill and will develop a set of  resources for a more resilient future.

Challenging situations are where we see the amazing skills our young women possess – it can be social by regularly connecting with friends through social media providing opportunities for them to talk in a safe environment, helping with looking after younger family members and in many cases older family members within their bubble. Many of our students have taken on more responsibility to help parents working from home in the preparation of meals, housework and teaching by explaining concepts to younger siblings completing schooling at home. 

Our House Prefect leaders have been providing regular supportive posts on Instagram to enable students to still feel a connection with school.

When we go back to a new “normal”, our students will adapt and thrive, they are incredible young women and we are so proud of them.

With Anzac Day approaching, why not try the delicious recipe in the link below. Anzac biscuits use what were traditional pantry staples in the early 1900’s, oats, flour, butter, sugar, coconut, baking soda and golden syrup. These possibly are not so common in most households today, but are easily accessible in our supermarkets.

ANZAC Biscuits Recipe 


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