Westlake’s own Good Sort proves the Queen of Quizzes

They say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing – but a lot of knowledge, well that has the power to unite a community of quiz-loving strangers during a pandemic!

Onewa House Dean Maggie Cogger-Orr was officially named on TV1’s Good Sorts recently, after her lockdown Kahoot “virtual” pub trivia brought together families, communities and even countries!

“We use Kahoot a lot in the classroom I was already familiar with it and had used it for other social activities before – so it seemed like a cool idea to try and use it to create a ‘virtual’ pub trivia as a week end time-killer during lockdown,” she says.

While not normally a quiz fan, Maggie was inspired by her quiz-loving parents back in Canada. “I do love a fun fact though, so it was a good fit for me.” She set up seven quizzes in total, each with six rounds of 12 questions.  “I think the most we had in a single go was about 120 participants – although a lot of people played with their whole family or flat – so it was probably more than that. We had about 500 people in the Facebook group – it definitely spawned itself so there was probably about 50% of the people I didn’t know personally!

“We had people playing from New Zealand, Aussie and even Guam in the Saturday night quiz and then the Sunday morning edition I played with my friends (and their friends) from Canada, the UK, and Germany! I also ran it midweek for my parents and their retired friends who were mostly in the US and Canada as well. So safe to say we were pretty global!”

Sadly, the quiz nights came to an end once real life flooded back after lockdown, but the final edition went out with a bang – raising $1,100 for the Mental Health Foundation NZ. “I really enjoyed watching all the fun people were having (those who had their videos on anyway), and to be honest I love learning so it was neat to gain some weird (usually useless) information about a wide variety of topics! My mum and my friend in Germany have carried on running quizzes, so it is still continuing in some form.”

You can watch Maggie on Good Sorts here.

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