Young Enterprise businesses online

Our incredibly innovative Young Enterprise Group students have a range of businesses they have created – and now you can support them by purchasing goods online!

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an opportunity for students to unleash their inner entrepreneur and experience the start-up world first-hand. It is an experiential programme where students set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market.

This year we have 25 businesses being run by our talented teens and you can see them on our website. Take a look at what’s on offer, and then click through to their websites to make purchases – you’ll find everything from sustainable straws to a clothing rentals.

Recently, students participated in the YES Mid-Year Pitch – pitching their product or service to a panel of judges. Here two students share their experiences.

Being a part of the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) has sparked my passion for business and broadened my opportunities and understanding of how businesses operate from start to finish. To see my group’s product come to life from a simple brainstorm on paper has encouraged us in the belief that we can achieve anything. On the 23 June, we participated in YES’ Challenge 3 which we are incredibly proud of. To be able to pitch our product to judges and showcase how hard we have worked was an experience that I will never forget. Both Westlake Girls High School and the YES organisation have taught me that when we step out of our comfort zone, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities. I, and all of the senior business studies students, can confidently say that we have gained beneficial and realistic insight into what it means to operate a business whilst simultaneously gaining valuable life skills such as effective communication and excellent presentation skills. Thank you to our incredible Business Studies Department and teachers Mrs Singh, Mrs Green, Ms McDermott and Mr Cowley for organising this opportunity for all the YES students and Dan Benadie for ensuring we were able to participate.
Raeesah Surran



My experience with the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) ‘pitch challenge’ last week was incredibly memorable and valuable as a Year 13 Business Studies student. After several weeks of hard work and practise, my business group and I were able to pitch our business idea/product to a group of professional judges via an organised five minute ‘YES’ zoom call, which made us feel both excited and very fortunate. This is just one of the incredible opportunities that Westlake Girls High School and the YES organisation provide to senior business studies students, who have the opportunity to plan and undertake an innovative business-related service or product, while completing a series of carefully designed YES challenges (like the pitch) to help guide us throughout the year. My group, as well as all Westlake Girls High School business studies students who took part in this challenge, could agree that many beneficial and valuable lessons were gained from this experience – not only motivating and inspiring us but also influencing further improvement regarding our business prospectives.
Isabella Brown

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